Monday, April 6, 2009


You want to know what I feel right now? I feel so tired, bored, sad, happy, excited, disappointed and many things. Why I say like that? It is a usually feeling that every student feel it. I feel so tired because I have not enough time to sleep and rest because I have to finish many assignments, final project, study for quiz and test and other else.

BEL 311 is the English subject. This subject always makes me busy because every week we should do outline, first draft, speaking and blog. But I feel enjoy because I can improve my speaking skill and my language. It is an exercise for me when I do outline and first draft because I can know my mistake when I do it by myself. So, from that, I can improve and apply it when I do my final exam. I hope I can get the best result for this subject.

Statistic or QMT is a subject that I have a final project. Every group should find the secondary data and apply what they learn in this subject to this project. Actually this project it’s easy compared to other classes because they use primary data. For test and quiz, actually I have a big hope for first test because I feel so calm when I answer my first test. Before the test, I call my mom and ask her to pray for me and bless me. I feel so calm when I do my test. But when I get my result for my first test, I feel upset because I not get mark that I aspect. But I should thank to God because I still pass for this test. For second test, I really hope that I will pass, but I’m not sure because for me, the question is very difficult.

CTU is the subject that makes me pressure because we got our topic presentation in last minute and imagine when we do our presentation, we cannot see any note for reference. This is first time for me do a presentation like that. So, we should memorize our part because it can be easier when we present our topic. The first test for this subject on 8 April. It makes me feel so worried because I don’t know which topic should I study because have many topic to memorize.

Macroeconomic is the subject that I have a quiz for the last day before study week. It make me pressure because I think when the last day for study week, I can enjoy because I can go back for a week. I think I can relax when finish CTU test, but I must study this subject.

For this sem, I not have a final exam for mandarin subject. We have a many test for this subject like writing, oral, listening and sketch. So, from that we should do the best to get the best result.

For subject business communication, we not have a test. We have an assessment. We do resume, report, proposal, interview and meeting. For this assessment, the mark is 60% and the final exam is 40%. So, to get the best result, we should do the best for all our assessment. Actually when interview, I feel so afraid and not have a confident because I’m not good when speak in English but I feel thankful because I can handle and do a best when the lecturer interview me. I hope my carry mark will make me pass and I will do the best when I answer my final exam paper.

The last subject is handball. For this subject, we have fitness test, writing test and practical test. For practical test, we handle the handball games in SUPRO program. So, from that, our coach will give a mark when we do our work.

Actually I feel so stress for this sem. Why I say like that because can you imagine I do my work with my partner, and the work have a mistake, and that people say other people do our work. Can you imagine what I feel? I do the work wholeheartedly and cautious. My partner and I do the work at 1 am until 2 am just want to finish the work and that people say like that to their friend. Before 1 am, I and my partner go to college activity at mosque. I feel that this people only think herself. I feel so dissappointed with her.

As a student, everyone will have a same feeling like me because to get what we want, we should sacrifice our time and everything. So, after that we will get what we want. The principle that I hold until now and make me at here now is…


Sunday, March 22, 2009


It tells about the relationship between the man and the girl. They life with their own world. So, they don’t care what happen to others because they only know in their life only have “you and I”.

Stories about a man that feel so regret because make a mistake. He persuades his girlfriends to come back in his life because he can’t live without love from his girlfriends.

This song tells about the girls that give all their love to the man that she loves although the man never cares about that girl. The girl living all her memory with the man she loves of her song.

It stories about what happen when the man love the women. Love can make that person that feels the love, feel that the world is their own and love also can make they do what they want to protect and care their couple.

When we loyal to our couple, only she in our heart. So, to make our relationship never be end, we should loyal each other.

It tells about the girl’s just clash with their ex-boyfriend. Before this, she couple with this guy. But when her ex-boyfriends come and want her as a girlfriend again, that guy capable sacrifices to look the girl that she love get her happiness. But the relationship between the girls and her ex-boyfriend is end again. The girls still love that guy but she feels shy because before this she leaves that guy. The guy still can accept the girls as his girlfriend again because he really love and want to life happiness with these girls.

It’s tells about the man that always love his girlfriend and can’t do anything because when he see anything, he will see his girlfriend’s face. It shows that he always love and miss his girlfriends.

It tells about the women feel so lonely even she has a boyfriend. It shows that they have a problem in their relationship. Every couple has their problem, so they should know how to solve it.

This song tells about the couple that already broke up. Actually they break up because the girl has another man in her life. So, the guys has been frustrated with her and created this song to let her know about his feelings. That guy wants her to know how much he loved that girl.


It tells us about their love stories. She already broke up with their boyfriend but she still hope that man come back to her again. She wants him right now but she afraid if that man will break their heart again.


Horror story?? I really like this type of story. Actually I have advantage because some time I can see that “things”. No one wants to see that “thing” with their own eye. But I have to accept that as a reality.

It’s happen to me when I’m in part 1 and part 2. In my room, when I want to sleep, I feel that something that always pull my foot. It’s always happen to me. Sometime I able to stay up and study the whole night until in morning and straight go to class.

Other stories happen to me in last semester. My roommate is one of the secretariats in Kolej Intan. So, she always busy and always not at home because have to attend meeting and many activities. It makes me always leave alone in my room. So, when I study in my study table, I always feel that some one that always walk in my back. Beside in my table have a long mirror. One day, when I feel not comfortable, I don’t mind if anything happen, I look through the mirror and see that “things” look like a women, with a long hair cross walk in my back. After that, I’m read a doa to protect myself and continue my work and act like nothing happen. Other situation when I’m study in middle in my room, suddenly my window was knocking by something. When I heard for the first time, I just ignore it. But when the knocking repeat for a many time, I brave myself to open the curtain and I didn’t see anything. When I want to continue my work, the knocking disturbs me again. I’m just ignoring it and do it my work. Actually this disturbance always happens to me. So, I’m just ignoring it.

My experience in secondary school is when I have a camping in my school. This thing happen at 3 o’clock when I want to accompany my friends that left their t-shirt in the toilet. When I cross the “dataran”, I can see my old school from my school. Actually at that time, I and two my friend go together. Firstly, when I look at my old school, I see a long iron hammock. I feel so weird because before this , I never see a iron hammock at that place and it make me feel so weird because the hammock too long and I see the “women” with a long hair and white cloth sit on the iron hammock and LOOK AT ME!! I think it just my imagination, but when I look again it is truly happen to me. I think only I see all this but one of my friend also see that “women” on the hammock. At that time, my friend said,”KAU NAMPAK TAK ADA PEREMPUAN TENGAH DUDUK KAT BUAIAN TU, KENAPA PEREMPUAN TU TENGAH BARING? AIK!!KENAPA DIA PUNYA BUAIAN PANJANG SANGAT? ”. What she say make me become angry because it’s not good to say something like that because that things in front of us. At that time, I told my friends to cancel go to toilet. We straightly go back to room. When we arrive at room, my friends tell what we see to other friends. All my friends say, that place not have an iron hammock. My friends and I have a plan. At 5.30am, when we want go to mosque, we decide to walk at the “dataran” and want to look my old school and want to make sure that place have a iron hammock or not. When we see that place again, it make my friends and I feel surprised. What I think it’s true. The iron hammock does not exist. So, from that we know what we see last night.

Actually I have many experiences about horror or ghost story and it is part of my life. So, I have face it although it make me sick until now.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

~.:LOVE IS C.I.N.T.A:.~

Love? What is love? Love is a part of our life. Everyone can feel it. Love not only to a human, but love can be to God, to family, to the things that we love and other else. Anyone have their own meaning and perception about love. Love also can be described in many ways. Love can describe as a soft feeling that everyone has it and every one want to feel it. But the important thing is who our partner that we love is? It is a good person? It depends to that individual to choose what kind of their partner. Love also is any of a number of emotions and experiences related to a sense of strong affection. The word love can refer to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes .Love is feeling of heart which only heart can understand. Love is also a feeling that can make the person feel happy, excited, and other else that can shows their happiness. Sometimes love can make people feel angry, sad, hate, crazy and others bad feeling. No one wants their love feel a negative feeling because it can make the person not happy and the relationship will be the end. So it can give a bad impact to person that crazy with their love and maybe can do a stupid thing.
Love is not joke. Love is blind; love is warm like fever but cold like ice. It’s something that happens in every stage of life you can’t see it but you can feel it you can’t express it freely but you can experience it truly you have no words to speak about it .but your action can prove it love almost like a rose that has its special beauty.
Love can be interesting if we get the person that have characteristic that we like. Everyone also have their own taste guy or girl. Maybe when we get the person that same with our taste, it can make the relationship will be happy and comfortable. So, it’s depends to the individual to choose the guy or girl that they like. So, I have a dream girl that I like to be my life partner.

First and the most important is he is a man that has a good religion and can bring me to the true path. As a leader in a family, he must know all the things that related to religion and if I do anything wrong, he can give advice and teach me with a true way. It also can make me feel confident and believe that he can bring me to the true way and feel close to Allah. It’s a way to make the relationship will be a long and get happiness.

The other character is having chemistry between us; other word is “satu kepala”. I think this is also important because if we have chemistry, everything what we want to do, not have any problem. Example, some time I always like to do a crazy work that I’m not thinking to do, and the guy can accept what I do and maybe he can join me..

The guy should respect me as a life partner. If we don’t have this attitude, maybe the relationship will be end anytime and will get the trouble. So, respect each other is very important in the relationship and he also should respect my parents and my family because it can make the relationship will be expanding and it can make him and my family will know better from before this.

I also like the guy that can make me always smile and laugh. It’s mean that the person is funny, happy go lucky and always make a joke with me. It’s a way to make the relationship will be happy always. I like to laugh. Some time I like to disturb the people that I love, the other word is “suka menyakat”. I hope he can accept the way I disturb him. Maybe sometimes we fill that we will be close and always laugh together.

Everyone wants their partner always with them when they have a problem or when they feel happy and want to share with people that they love. I want that guy always with me, when I feel happy, trouble or lonely. When I have a problem, I feel like to talk with some one that can share the problem with me and can be a good listener. Maybe at that time, he can help and can give opinion and advice to make feel calm down and confident. So sweet right? Because I can share anything with person that I loved. When I feel sad, he always with me to give spirit and also can make me smile at the same time. Maybe it’s a way he want to look me happy even I still feel sadness.

Actually, I have many characteristics that I want in my future husband like caring, loving and other else but maybe for this entry, I just stop here. I hope Allah can show and give me the guy that suitable and can bring me to the true path. But, before I married, I hope I can achieve my dream to make my mom happy with my successful. Insya allah.

Love is a wonderful thing
Don’t think it will always be there
But when it is, embrace it with all of your heart
Love comes in many forms
Remember to loveLet yourself be loved
Without love this world would be empty
Love others
Love yourself

Monday, February 9, 2009


As a diploma student in UiTM, we get opportunities to get the hostel. The main condition to get the hostel is all students must active in all activity that UiTM and others club organize. For this sem, UiTM very strict with their rule to give the hostel only to the students that active in activity. For student that not gets the hostel, they can make persuasion to get the hostel.

Since part 1, I get hostel at Kolej Intan. 2 sem before this, I get room that for two people in one room. For me, it is very comfortable because in one room I just share with only one roommate. But for this sem, I get a new room, new roommate and new atmosphere. Actually, before this sem start, I feel worried and I tell to my father to change that room. I want my room like last sem or room that have 2 people in one room because I feel comfortable with this room. But during the registration day, I saw a people that ever be my classmate last sem, I ask her about their room. She said that she get room number 115B. I feel so excited because she is the one that have same room with me. At least, I already know one of my new roommates. At that time, my father tries to get help from their friend to get a new room for me. But I quickly tell to my father that I don’t want to change a room because I know one of my roommates.

Now I want to tell about my roommate. Firstly is Siti Suhaida. I called her “Siti”. She is from Kota Tinggi, Johor. She takes Diploma in Business Studies and in part 4 in this sem. I feel lucky because we are same course and same class in two subjects which is Macroeconomics and Business Communication. It makes I feel comfortable to be friends with her because we can study together and do a discussion when I not understand about the subject. The thing that I feel comfortable friends with her is we have same hobbies. We like heard a ghost stories. I think she is brave because like the creeps story but she is very scared. Sometimes I like to annoy her to make her afraid. So, can you imagine I am very bad? But I like to disturb people that close with me. Life is not interesting if we not enjoyed with our life right? So as a human, we must enjoy with our life.

My second roommate is Zalikha. I call her “Ika”. She is in part 4 and study in Diploma in Investment Analysis course. Actually I’m not close with her. Maybe because she always not at room and always with their friends. I know that she’s from Klang and near to my hometown. When I in my room with her, we usually do our job. Sometimes, we not talk in throughout the day. Maybe we are unsuitable. But I will try to close with her.

That all stories about my roommates. I hope we can be a good roommates until the end this sem. Maybe next time we can get the same room like this sem.I think for this sem, I really enjoyed with my new roommates compared to the last two sem. I hope I will be like that for the next sem. . Insya allah.

About the environment in my hostel, Kolej Intan, I think all is good. Get the hostel in Kolej Intan is a special for me because our hostel near to the dining, UPK office, Unimart, uptown and the first colleagues that near with the gate and all students that stay at Kolej Intan will not feel hard and tired when they came back from hometown to the their colleagues compared to other students that stay at other colleagues. I feel so lucky because get hostel at Kolej Intan. INTAN IS THE BEST!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This is my entries for this week to tell about all my classmates, D3B2. Actually I don’t know a detailed about my classmates. Maybe I know a little bit and I tell it in my entries.

1. Al
I think he is a person that crazy to be a singer but the thing that make me proud of him because he never gives up to trying again. He also a talkative person.

2. Asyraf
He is in part 4. Actually I don’t know that their face like a celebrity, Ally Iskandar. After I read in my lecturer’s blog, I just realize that their face look same.

3. Azhar(Sood)
He is talkative person. I like the way when he do a presentation.

4. Khaliq
He is the important person in my class because he is class rap. I always saw him with someone everywhere.

5. Nasri
He very close with Sood.

6. Nizam
I think him only the male student that very uncommunicative person in the class.

7. Ain
I know her when I at Uitm Dungun, Terengganu because we are from pre-commerce. I don’t think that we can meet again in Uitm Johor. Maybe because of that, now we are a good friend.

8. Salwa
She has a twin in my class. She is a younger sister. She has a good voice when she song. I know that when I come to Roadshow Kelab Irama.

9. Atikah
She always with Farah Irma and Faezah. She same class with me in part 1.

10. Farah Irma
She is sweet. I like her hair.

11. Aiza
I don’t know more about her because she is new in my class. Maybe before this, she from other classes.

12. Syeila
She is very quite person but I just know that she is good in English. I still remember when she acting in part 1 in orientation course. She looks neutral.

13. Ima
Talkative person. I always called her “minah kepoh” and she is a good friends.

14. Radiah
She is Salwa’s twin and Salwa’s sister. She also has a good voice and participates in nasyid.

15. Me, Azierah

16. Ernie
Before I know her, I think she is arrogant person because she hard to smile but when I know her, she is a nice person and cute.

17. Sue
I know her more in this sem. In past sem, I same class with her in costing class but I never talk with her. I think her face like arrogant, but when I know her, she a good person and easy to friend with her and her room just beside my room.

18. Lynn
I know her in past sem. First class I saw her, she look like busy person. Now, we are best friends. I always disturb and called her “kakak”.

19. Nik
She looks sweet and nice person.

20. Zirah
I know her in part 1. My first impression when I saw her, she look arrogant because too hard to see her smile but when I know her for a long time, she is a nice person.

21. Sal
Actually I just know that their age is 22 years old. Before this I think she same age with. But when I see her blog again in myself entries, I just notice that her date of birth in 1989. I think she want to trick me. I don’t know what her true age. She is a good friend. I like to disturb her because I like to see her angry. Just for joke as a friend.

22. Huda
She is fiancé person. She closes with Syeila.

23. Aina
I like to be like her but I can’t. I like the way when she speak in English and participate in class. I like to be brave like her but I can’t. Maybe because I’m not good in English and afraid to speak. I will try to be like her to be brave.

24. Syahida
I like the way when she do a presentation. She has a high level confident. She is a hardworking person.

25. Siti Farahiyah
I like to look her because she is cute and close with Aina.

26. Farahain
She is a cool girl. She is my classmate since part 1 but I just know a little bit about her. She from Klang.

27. Izzati
She sweet. Actually I don’t know more about her because before this, she is from other class. But she is nice.

28. Asyikin(kent)
I always heard that my friends call her “ kak kent”.in this year, she is 21 years old.

29. Raja
She from Muar and close with kak kent.


    I am a sensitive person. It is easy make me cry if the problem is family problem. If I with my mom, I must be strong and try to hidden my sadness. My mom will vomit up and tell her problem to me and it is a good to her because when she tells about her problem to me, it can make their mind will be calm. Actually, when I sad, I will leave alone and holed up from other people. At home, when I feel sad, I will panned in my room and I will think about my problem. Maybe insensibly can make I cry. I always hideaway my problem in my heart. For me, only I can know my problem.

    Actually I had in a big interest in art. I want to take art and design course but I get business course. Before this, I take art subject at my school but maybe not my luck to get this course. I like to look the way cartoonist paint their cartoon but I don’t have a talent to be like them. I just can draw scenery like water fall and other else. Just for hobbies only. Before get offer from Uitm, I get many offer art course and graphic but my father want I study at Uitm and this is not my interest course. I just follow their instruction. Maybe I can successful in this course. Insya allah.

    Because my big interest in cartoon, so I will buy a cartoon magazine every month and I will do as a collection. Magazine that I always read is APO?, G3, UJANG, and other else. Sometimes I will buy Japanese cartoon magazine. When I buy a cartoon magazine, I’m not just read only, but I learn about their painting, technique of color and other else.

    I love reading. If one day I not reading, it’s make me feel uncomfortable. Although I want to sleep, I will read magazine or anything. It is my hobbies. I love to read a novel. Usually I just borrow my friend’s novel. To buy a novel, it is expensive to me but if I have a more money, I will buy it. It can make us feel satisfied if we are able to buy a thing that we interested right..? so, it’s not wrong if we able to waste our money just for self satisfied.

    Everything I want to eat must compulsory with spicy food like a “sambal tumis”, “sambal belacan” or other sambal. I don’t like if the “sambal” it’s not spicy. I very fussy with spicy food.Actually I don’t mind with what food I eat. But I think my life it’s not perfect if I eat rice without the sambal. Maybe it is funny but it’s me. If my mother not cooks a sambal, I capable eat rice with a chilies sauce. Now you can know how crazy I with the spicy food.

    My parents told me that when I was a child, I really hate with durian. At that time, I live at Segamat. As we know, Segamat very popular with their special durian. Now, I always wait for durian season because I already at Segamat and anytime I can find the durian. It can make me happy because can eat my favorite food.

    If first time people look me, maybe they think that I am an arrogant person. Sometimes, too hard to see me smile. But when they know me, I am the happy go lucky person. Am I right?Maybe a person that strongly knows me can know how to describe my behavior.

    I like to collect accessories like bangle, bracelet, and ring. I also like a crystal. Most of my accessories are from my mom. Other else, I buy it myself. I can choose from my collection to match with my cloth.

    I like to go shopping complex. I like to stroll at shopping complex. When I feel want to buy something, I just buy. I like to see human multifarious. Actually I am so stingy for myself but not to other people. I don’t know why my behavior likes that. Maybe because I like to make people surround me get happy because I can buy what they want especially for my mom and my sibling.

    When I want to talk or tell a story, maybe some people can’t catch want I want try to say because I speak so fast. I don’t know how to cope with this problem. My parents tell that when I was child, I talk so fast and when I see people, I will say anything what I want and they not understand what I say. Maybe because at that time, I’m still a child. But now when I want to speak or do a presentation, I will be cautious to make people can understand what I try to tell them.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

my lovely younger brother...daus..
i love him very much..

Friday, January 16, 2009

in this picture,only my father and my elder younger brother not at here..

sorry mom...because i take your picture like that..
if you know i publish this picture at my blog,maybe you will be angry at me..but, you know me right??


Hi guys.Want to know more about me? O.k. My name is Azierah Abd. Rahman. You can call me e’ra. At campus my friend calls me Azie or zierah. On 7 July, my age is 20 years old. I am still studying in UiTM Segamat,Johor and take Diploma in Business Study. This is my third sem. I hope this sem I will study hard to achieve my target to get higher pointer. What the interesting about me? I am the simple girl. The first impression if people not know my attitude and behavior, they maybe think that I am arrogant and uncommunicative people. I don’t mind with their impression. But when they start to be my friends and close with me, I am the one that can be their best friends. I like to get many friends because for me, if we have many friends, we can share anything. We can change opinion each other, share a stories or experience, hang up together and can helps each other when our friends in trouble.

Friends can make we laugh, also can make we cry. So, to get good friends, try to find that can helps us whether we in troubled or happy. I have much kind of friends. For example, I have a friends that comes to me when she in troubled. So, as friends, I help her. When she gets what she wants, when we meet again, she act like she not recognize me. But I still patient and still regard she as my friend. I don’t mind what my friends want to do to me. The important thing is I never disturb anyone with their life. So, I don’t want people disturb my life. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

The important in my life is only one person. She is very meaningful in my life. I always remember her. She is my idol. She also my best friends. She know what I feel, what my problem, although I never tells her about my problem. Every day I will call her and tell her everything I do and what happen to me at campus. We also bubbling each other. She always advice me to study hard and always pray because she said all knowledge comes from God. If we always pray, God will helps us when we in trouble. She also advise me to study hard because when I success, my life will make easy. Their advice makes me aware that life is very hard. Lives nowadays have a many challenge.

I still remembered when first time I get my salaries, all my salaries I give to her and when I look she happy, I feel so happy because my dreams is to make she happy although she have many problem. For me, her smile is my inspiration. When I study at uitm, I get PTPTN loan and every sem I will give her more to one thousands to give her and their son buy and eat what they want like other family. I don’t mind if I don’t have money and eat only biscuit but I can’t see if my family not enough food to eat. Maybe other people will think that she want my money only. I don’t mind about that because for me, my money not enough to give happiness to her and repay like she do to me when I still child. My happiness is to look her happy and make her feel happiness with their family. Only she is my idol and she is my mom. I love her very much. I hope my successful can give her happy like other mother that want their daughter successful in their life. She is the best mom that I have.


In this sem, I am studying in part 3 in Diploma in Business Study (DBS). The duration in this sem is from December 2008 until April 2009. I am taking 7 subjects in this sem which is BEL 311, QMT 216, MGT 269, CTU 241, ECO 211, HSK 114 and BMD 101.

BEL 311 stands for English for Academic Purpose. In this course, I learn many things and the important is, I can improve my English because in this class, my lecturer, Sir Izuan wants their students talk in English anytime whether want to talk with him or with friends. It is a challenge for me because I’m not good when talk and communicate with other people in English. I think it is a good way to improve our language especially when to talk or want to do a presentation. My lecturer’s name is Sir Izuan Ismail. First impression when I saw him, I think he is a strict person because their face looks fierce. He is wearing spectacle and tall. I think he is a good lecturer because he has many way and strategies to teach their students. For me, he makes their learning so interesting. For example, for our class, we need to create our blog that must be updated every week before weekend. It is a one way that makes all their students always write in English and this is also the way to improve our writing skills. BEL 311 is not a difficult subject for the people that have the skill to speak but for me, I really want to get A+ in this subject because I think this is the way to know whether I can improve my English or not. I hope I can achieve it.

BMD 101 is the Mandarin subject. It is elective subject. As a student in part 3 in DBS, we can choose the elective subject whether Mandarin or Arabic. Firstly when I know we can choose, I choose an Arabic subject. But when I have discussed with my father, he force me to take the Mandarin subject. I am not interested because I think Mandarin very difficult because their written language it’s very difficult to learn. I like Arabic because for me, maybe it is a easy because I have a basic when at primary school. Although it is a long time I leave the subject, maybe I can remember a little bit. But my father said that if I take a mandarin language, it is an advantage for me when to search a job because as we know, business world nowadays have monopoly by the Chinese people. With my father explanation, I follow their suggestion. My first impression in first class is I don’t have a mood to study because my heart still want to me take a Arabic subject but when my lecturer come to class, he give me a mood with their skill in the first learning. He is very sporting, kindness and teach step by step. It is easy for me to understand. I like the way he teaching. He never is angry when their students do a mistake when to talk in mandarin. Their way of teaching make me feel interested to learn in mandarin language. My lecturer‘s name is Lim. All students call him “Lim Laoshi”. I feel very excited every time at their class. I hope I can get A+ in this subject.

CTU 241 is one subject that every student in DBS course must take. In part 3, we studies about Islamic economic. I still don’t know about the subject because my lecturer did not start their teaching. My lecturer’s name is Ustaz Kamarulzaman. He’s from Kelantan. My first impression when first time I saw him, I though he is a strict person because he look fierce. But when he introduced himself, he look so nice and he always smiles. I think he is the one of the sporting lecturer that I know. For example, if their students come late to class, he still takes as an attendance. Maybe other lecturer will be angry with this student. He is very kindness.

MGT 269 is a one of the business subject. In this part, we learn about business communication. What I know is, for this subject there not have test like other subject because in business communication, we have many interview and meeting. It is a new thing for me. I hope I can do the best. My lecturer is Ahmad Kamil. I heard from the senior that he is the fussy person especially when he gives an assignment. He wants the best from us. But for me, maybe with their way, makes student do the best for this subject.

ECO 211 is about microeconomics. My lecturer’s name is Pn.Zailati. She is a good lecturer. I feel so lucky because she is my economic lecturer because economic is the one of the difficult subject. I like their skill when she teaches their students. She teaches step by step and always makes their students to be more understands. I really hope that I can get the higher pointer in this subject because it also can make my CGPA and GPA will be increase.

My lecturer that teaches me QMT 216 is Miss Zarina. She teaches me about statistic. I like this subject because have many calculating. Before this, I always heard that this subject this subject also difficult. But I hope I can do the best because I like this subject.

In this sem, I take a co-curriculum. I take a sport. I choose a handball. I have experience in handball sport. Before this, I representing for sport at my school. But I leave this sport for the long time. I hope I can get many experience for this sport. My coach is Miss Norasyikin. She is very sporting. Maybe because their age likes our senior or sister. We all call her “ Kak Syikin”. She’s from Temerloh,Pahang. She teaches the rule and the right skill when to play handball. This also a subject that easy to score.

For me, all subjects have their difficulties. The important is, as students, we must take it as a challenge. If everything is easy, it’s not a life and our life is not interesting. So, I will struggle very hard for all subjects that I have taken for this sem. I hope I can achieve my target to get the best result. My successful not only for me, but for my parents that always give support, advice and give blessing to me when I study at UiTM. This is a gift that I want to give for my parents. Insya allah.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

hi to all my classmate d3b2..
i hope you all have finished update your blog..

Monday, January 5, 2009


Today ,I learned a new song by Juwita Sowito. The title is BREATHE AGAIN. It remains me about my first time I at UiTM. Now I at UiTM Segamat ,Johor and take Diploma in Business Studies. Before this in July 2007, I studied in UiTM Dungun, Terengganu because I take a pre-commerce course. This is my first time I separated with my family, especially with my mother because I very close with her. When orientation week, I very sad and feel lonely and always remember her. Every day I called my mother and share story about what I do here. After orientation week, all pre commerce students were move from the main campus to Bukit Besi campus. Many memories that I have at Bukit Besi Campus At this campus, I get many friends from many countries, such as from Kelantan, Terengganu, Pulau Pinang, Johor, Perak and other else. I always happy because get many friends and it make my life at Terengganu so meaningful although I always miss my mother. All lecturers always give spirit and support to make their student success. As a pre commerce student, I studies only two subjects which is Mathematics and English. I must score in this two subject to continue my study in diploma. After the final exam, I get the result. I am so happy because I didn’t expect that I will get the good pointer. Maybe this is blessing from my mother that always pray for my success. But at the same time, I feel so sad because I did not get the course that I like. The course is accountancy because my pointer not enough to get this course. The main condition to get this course is the pointer must get 3.5 and above. I really disappointed at that time because my pointer nearness 3.5. Maybe it is not my luck to get that course. But I am grateful to God because I still can continue my studies at UiTM.

On December 2007, this is my first time I studies at UiTM Segamat, Johor, although I were born in Segamat. First week at this campus, I feel so stress because get roommate all senior and also arrogant to me. I feel so tension because they always talk a bad thing behind me although I am new student. I never disturb their privacy. Because of tension, I take action to apply to move to another room. I get my new roommate of the same age. I feel happy because I can do what I want and nobody can disturb me like before this. At my new room, I feel peace and easy to study. But one thing that I don’t like is the senior at the level my room. When I see the senior, I respect them. I give a smile. One month after that, I heard from my roommate that the senior said I never friendly with them. I feel so confused because before this when I see them anywhere, I always smile and give a respect to them. But I no need to thing about all things like that because it can interrupt my studies. So I make my positive thinking. I am here to study and get the higher pointer and get my diploma, not to think and care about all people feeling because nobody cares about my feeling. I always feel alone whether I have a friend. Maybe because I miss all my friends at UiTM Terengganu because for me, they always with me whether I feel sad or happy. I still remembered a last day at Bukit Besi Campus, I feel so sad because perforce separated with all my friends and we don’t know where we can meet again. I hope I can meet all my people at UiTM Shah Alam when we all successful and take our diploma certificate. Insya allah.