Wednesday, January 28, 2009


    I am a sensitive person. It is easy make me cry if the problem is family problem. If I with my mom, I must be strong and try to hidden my sadness. My mom will vomit up and tell her problem to me and it is a good to her because when she tells about her problem to me, it can make their mind will be calm. Actually, when I sad, I will leave alone and holed up from other people. At home, when I feel sad, I will panned in my room and I will think about my problem. Maybe insensibly can make I cry. I always hideaway my problem in my heart. For me, only I can know my problem.

    Actually I had in a big interest in art. I want to take art and design course but I get business course. Before this, I take art subject at my school but maybe not my luck to get this course. I like to look the way cartoonist paint their cartoon but I don’t have a talent to be like them. I just can draw scenery like water fall and other else. Just for hobbies only. Before get offer from Uitm, I get many offer art course and graphic but my father want I study at Uitm and this is not my interest course. I just follow their instruction. Maybe I can successful in this course. Insya allah.

    Because my big interest in cartoon, so I will buy a cartoon magazine every month and I will do as a collection. Magazine that I always read is APO?, G3, UJANG, and other else. Sometimes I will buy Japanese cartoon magazine. When I buy a cartoon magazine, I’m not just read only, but I learn about their painting, technique of color and other else.

    I love reading. If one day I not reading, it’s make me feel uncomfortable. Although I want to sleep, I will read magazine or anything. It is my hobbies. I love to read a novel. Usually I just borrow my friend’s novel. To buy a novel, it is expensive to me but if I have a more money, I will buy it. It can make us feel satisfied if we are able to buy a thing that we interested right..? so, it’s not wrong if we able to waste our money just for self satisfied.

    Everything I want to eat must compulsory with spicy food like a “sambal tumis”, “sambal belacan” or other sambal. I don’t like if the “sambal” it’s not spicy. I very fussy with spicy food.Actually I don’t mind with what food I eat. But I think my life it’s not perfect if I eat rice without the sambal. Maybe it is funny but it’s me. If my mother not cooks a sambal, I capable eat rice with a chilies sauce. Now you can know how crazy I with the spicy food.

    My parents told me that when I was a child, I really hate with durian. At that time, I live at Segamat. As we know, Segamat very popular with their special durian. Now, I always wait for durian season because I already at Segamat and anytime I can find the durian. It can make me happy because can eat my favorite food.

    If first time people look me, maybe they think that I am an arrogant person. Sometimes, too hard to see me smile. But when they know me, I am the happy go lucky person. Am I right?Maybe a person that strongly knows me can know how to describe my behavior.

    I like to collect accessories like bangle, bracelet, and ring. I also like a crystal. Most of my accessories are from my mom. Other else, I buy it myself. I can choose from my collection to match with my cloth.

    I like to go shopping complex. I like to stroll at shopping complex. When I feel want to buy something, I just buy. I like to see human multifarious. Actually I am so stingy for myself but not to other people. I don’t know why my behavior likes that. Maybe because I like to make people surround me get happy because I can buy what they want especially for my mom and my sibling.

    When I want to talk or tell a story, maybe some people can’t catch want I want try to say because I speak so fast. I don’t know how to cope with this problem. My parents tell that when I was child, I talk so fast and when I see people, I will say anything what I want and they not understand what I say. Maybe because at that time, I’m still a child. But now when I want to speak or do a presentation, I will be cautious to make people can understand what I try to tell them.

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  1. 1. holed up <--- what is this?
    I will panned in my room<---what do you mean?

    2. I also enjoy art.

    3. I used to buy them, but not anymore.

    4. Try reading English novels after this. It will improve your language.

    5. I like sambal belacan too.

    6. Thank God we live in Segamat ^_^

    7. Me too. People seldom see me smile.

    8. Crystals are lovely.

    9. I love shopping too. (When I have extra money to spend, that is).

    10. To communicate, you have to learn to speak moderately (not too fast and not too slow) so that the other party will understand you.