Monday, February 9, 2009


As a diploma student in UiTM, we get opportunities to get the hostel. The main condition to get the hostel is all students must active in all activity that UiTM and others club organize. For this sem, UiTM very strict with their rule to give the hostel only to the students that active in activity. For student that not gets the hostel, they can make persuasion to get the hostel.

Since part 1, I get hostel at Kolej Intan. 2 sem before this, I get room that for two people in one room. For me, it is very comfortable because in one room I just share with only one roommate. But for this sem, I get a new room, new roommate and new atmosphere. Actually, before this sem start, I feel worried and I tell to my father to change that room. I want my room like last sem or room that have 2 people in one room because I feel comfortable with this room. But during the registration day, I saw a people that ever be my classmate last sem, I ask her about their room. She said that she get room number 115B. I feel so excited because she is the one that have same room with me. At least, I already know one of my new roommates. At that time, my father tries to get help from their friend to get a new room for me. But I quickly tell to my father that I don’t want to change a room because I know one of my roommates.

Now I want to tell about my roommate. Firstly is Siti Suhaida. I called her “Siti”. She is from Kota Tinggi, Johor. She takes Diploma in Business Studies and in part 4 in this sem. I feel lucky because we are same course and same class in two subjects which is Macroeconomics and Business Communication. It makes I feel comfortable to be friends with her because we can study together and do a discussion when I not understand about the subject. The thing that I feel comfortable friends with her is we have same hobbies. We like heard a ghost stories. I think she is brave because like the creeps story but she is very scared. Sometimes I like to annoy her to make her afraid. So, can you imagine I am very bad? But I like to disturb people that close with me. Life is not interesting if we not enjoyed with our life right? So as a human, we must enjoy with our life.

My second roommate is Zalikha. I call her “Ika”. She is in part 4 and study in Diploma in Investment Analysis course. Actually I’m not close with her. Maybe because she always not at room and always with their friends. I know that she’s from Klang and near to my hometown. When I in my room with her, we usually do our job. Sometimes, we not talk in throughout the day. Maybe we are unsuitable. But I will try to close with her.

That all stories about my roommates. I hope we can be a good roommates until the end this sem. Maybe next time we can get the same room like this sem.I think for this sem, I really enjoyed with my new roommates compared to the last two sem. I hope I will be like that for the next sem. . Insya allah.

About the environment in my hostel, Kolej Intan, I think all is good. Get the hostel in Kolej Intan is a special for me because our hostel near to the dining, UPK office, Unimart, uptown and the first colleagues that near with the gate and all students that stay at Kolej Intan will not feel hard and tired when they came back from hometown to the their colleagues compared to other students that stay at other colleagues. I feel so lucky because get hostel at Kolej Intan. INTAN IS THE BEST!!


  1. I'm glad you like your hostel. Siti Suhaida sounds familiar. Is she my ex-student?

  2. Holla...
    ct likes to hear ghost story??
    she likes to hear but after that she was really scared to go a toilet...hahaha

  3. You and siti really like to discuss about ghost,i notice that...