Monday, April 6, 2009


You want to know what I feel right now? I feel so tired, bored, sad, happy, excited, disappointed and many things. Why I say like that? It is a usually feeling that every student feel it. I feel so tired because I have not enough time to sleep and rest because I have to finish many assignments, final project, study for quiz and test and other else.

BEL 311 is the English subject. This subject always makes me busy because every week we should do outline, first draft, speaking and blog. But I feel enjoy because I can improve my speaking skill and my language. It is an exercise for me when I do outline and first draft because I can know my mistake when I do it by myself. So, from that, I can improve and apply it when I do my final exam. I hope I can get the best result for this subject.

Statistic or QMT is a subject that I have a final project. Every group should find the secondary data and apply what they learn in this subject to this project. Actually this project it’s easy compared to other classes because they use primary data. For test and quiz, actually I have a big hope for first test because I feel so calm when I answer my first test. Before the test, I call my mom and ask her to pray for me and bless me. I feel so calm when I do my test. But when I get my result for my first test, I feel upset because I not get mark that I aspect. But I should thank to God because I still pass for this test. For second test, I really hope that I will pass, but I’m not sure because for me, the question is very difficult.

CTU is the subject that makes me pressure because we got our topic presentation in last minute and imagine when we do our presentation, we cannot see any note for reference. This is first time for me do a presentation like that. So, we should memorize our part because it can be easier when we present our topic. The first test for this subject on 8 April. It makes me feel so worried because I don’t know which topic should I study because have many topic to memorize.

Macroeconomic is the subject that I have a quiz for the last day before study week. It make me pressure because I think when the last day for study week, I can enjoy because I can go back for a week. I think I can relax when finish CTU test, but I must study this subject.

For this sem, I not have a final exam for mandarin subject. We have a many test for this subject like writing, oral, listening and sketch. So, from that we should do the best to get the best result.

For subject business communication, we not have a test. We have an assessment. We do resume, report, proposal, interview and meeting. For this assessment, the mark is 60% and the final exam is 40%. So, to get the best result, we should do the best for all our assessment. Actually when interview, I feel so afraid and not have a confident because I’m not good when speak in English but I feel thankful because I can handle and do a best when the lecturer interview me. I hope my carry mark will make me pass and I will do the best when I answer my final exam paper.

The last subject is handball. For this subject, we have fitness test, writing test and practical test. For practical test, we handle the handball games in SUPRO program. So, from that, our coach will give a mark when we do our work.

Actually I feel so stress for this sem. Why I say like that because can you imagine I do my work with my partner, and the work have a mistake, and that people say other people do our work. Can you imagine what I feel? I do the work wholeheartedly and cautious. My partner and I do the work at 1 am until 2 am just want to finish the work and that people say like that to their friend. Before 1 am, I and my partner go to college activity at mosque. I feel that this people only think herself. I feel so dissappointed with her.

As a student, everyone will have a same feeling like me because to get what we want, we should sacrifice our time and everything. So, after that we will get what we want. The principle that I hold until now and make me at here now is…