Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This is my entries for this week to tell about all my classmates, D3B2. Actually I don’t know a detailed about my classmates. Maybe I know a little bit and I tell it in my entries.

1. Al
I think he is a person that crazy to be a singer but the thing that make me proud of him because he never gives up to trying again. He also a talkative person.

2. Asyraf
He is in part 4. Actually I don’t know that their face like a celebrity, Ally Iskandar. After I read in my lecturer’s blog, I just realize that their face look same.

3. Azhar(Sood)
He is talkative person. I like the way when he do a presentation.

4. Khaliq
He is the important person in my class because he is class rap. I always saw him with someone everywhere.

5. Nasri
He very close with Sood.

6. Nizam
I think him only the male student that very uncommunicative person in the class.

7. Ain
I know her when I at Uitm Dungun, Terengganu because we are from pre-commerce. I don’t think that we can meet again in Uitm Johor. Maybe because of that, now we are a good friend.

8. Salwa
She has a twin in my class. She is a younger sister. She has a good voice when she song. I know that when I come to Roadshow Kelab Irama.

9. Atikah
She always with Farah Irma and Faezah. She same class with me in part 1.

10. Farah Irma
She is sweet. I like her hair.

11. Aiza
I don’t know more about her because she is new in my class. Maybe before this, she from other classes.

12. Syeila
She is very quite person but I just know that she is good in English. I still remember when she acting in part 1 in orientation course. She looks neutral.

13. Ima
Talkative person. I always called her “minah kepoh” and she is a good friends.

14. Radiah
She is Salwa’s twin and Salwa’s sister. She also has a good voice and participates in nasyid.

15. Me, Azierah

16. Ernie
Before I know her, I think she is arrogant person because she hard to smile but when I know her, she is a nice person and cute.

17. Sue
I know her more in this sem. In past sem, I same class with her in costing class but I never talk with her. I think her face like arrogant, but when I know her, she a good person and easy to friend with her and her room just beside my room.

18. Lynn
I know her in past sem. First class I saw her, she look like busy person. Now, we are best friends. I always disturb and called her “kakak”.

19. Nik
She looks sweet and nice person.

20. Zirah
I know her in part 1. My first impression when I saw her, she look arrogant because too hard to see her smile but when I know her for a long time, she is a nice person.

21. Sal
Actually I just know that their age is 22 years old. Before this I think she same age with. But when I see her blog again in myself entries, I just notice that her date of birth in 1989. I think she want to trick me. I don’t know what her true age. She is a good friend. I like to disturb her because I like to see her angry. Just for joke as a friend.

22. Huda
She is fiancé person. She closes with Syeila.

23. Aina
I like to be like her but I can’t. I like the way when she speak in English and participate in class. I like to be brave like her but I can’t. Maybe because I’m not good in English and afraid to speak. I will try to be like her to be brave.

24. Syahida
I like the way when she do a presentation. She has a high level confident. She is a hardworking person.

25. Siti Farahiyah
I like to look her because she is cute and close with Aina.

26. Farahain
She is a cool girl. She is my classmate since part 1 but I just know a little bit about her. She from Klang.

27. Izzati
She sweet. Actually I don’t know more about her because before this, she is from other class. But she is nice.

28. Asyikin(kent)
I always heard that my friends call her “ kak kent”.in this year, she is 21 years old.

29. Raja
She from Muar and close with kak kent.


  1. You are the first one to do this entry just like what I had instructed in my blog!

    I noticed that you didn't say much about some of your classmates. You have to get to know your classmates well because they might be able to help you in any way.

  2. less sour ko azie..huhuhu...
    btw tq 4 being my friend..

  3. actually..hmm..what to say??
    im 20 la..
    sape suro pcye??
    nice friend wit u..peace..