Sunday, March 22, 2009


It tells about the relationship between the man and the girl. They life with their own world. So, they don’t care what happen to others because they only know in their life only have “you and I”.

Stories about a man that feel so regret because make a mistake. He persuades his girlfriends to come back in his life because he can’t live without love from his girlfriends.

This song tells about the girls that give all their love to the man that she loves although the man never cares about that girl. The girl living all her memory with the man she loves of her song.

It stories about what happen when the man love the women. Love can make that person that feels the love, feel that the world is their own and love also can make they do what they want to protect and care their couple.

When we loyal to our couple, only she in our heart. So, to make our relationship never be end, we should loyal each other.

It tells about the girl’s just clash with their ex-boyfriend. Before this, she couple with this guy. But when her ex-boyfriends come and want her as a girlfriend again, that guy capable sacrifices to look the girl that she love get her happiness. But the relationship between the girls and her ex-boyfriend is end again. The girls still love that guy but she feels shy because before this she leaves that guy. The guy still can accept the girls as his girlfriend again because he really love and want to life happiness with these girls.

It’s tells about the man that always love his girlfriend and can’t do anything because when he see anything, he will see his girlfriend’s face. It shows that he always love and miss his girlfriends.

It tells about the women feel so lonely even she has a boyfriend. It shows that they have a problem in their relationship. Every couple has their problem, so they should know how to solve it.

This song tells about the couple that already broke up. Actually they break up because the girl has another man in her life. So, the guys has been frustrated with her and created this song to let her know about his feelings. That guy wants her to know how much he loved that girl.


It tells us about their love stories. She already broke up with their boyfriend but she still hope that man come back to her again. She wants him right now but she afraid if that man will break their heart again.


Horror story?? I really like this type of story. Actually I have advantage because some time I can see that “things”. No one wants to see that “thing” with their own eye. But I have to accept that as a reality.

It’s happen to me when I’m in part 1 and part 2. In my room, when I want to sleep, I feel that something that always pull my foot. It’s always happen to me. Sometime I able to stay up and study the whole night until in morning and straight go to class.

Other stories happen to me in last semester. My roommate is one of the secretariats in Kolej Intan. So, she always busy and always not at home because have to attend meeting and many activities. It makes me always leave alone in my room. So, when I study in my study table, I always feel that some one that always walk in my back. Beside in my table have a long mirror. One day, when I feel not comfortable, I don’t mind if anything happen, I look through the mirror and see that “things” look like a women, with a long hair cross walk in my back. After that, I’m read a doa to protect myself and continue my work and act like nothing happen. Other situation when I’m study in middle in my room, suddenly my window was knocking by something. When I heard for the first time, I just ignore it. But when the knocking repeat for a many time, I brave myself to open the curtain and I didn’t see anything. When I want to continue my work, the knocking disturbs me again. I’m just ignoring it and do it my work. Actually this disturbance always happens to me. So, I’m just ignoring it.

My experience in secondary school is when I have a camping in my school. This thing happen at 3 o’clock when I want to accompany my friends that left their t-shirt in the toilet. When I cross the “dataran”, I can see my old school from my school. Actually at that time, I and two my friend go together. Firstly, when I look at my old school, I see a long iron hammock. I feel so weird because before this , I never see a iron hammock at that place and it make me feel so weird because the hammock too long and I see the “women” with a long hair and white cloth sit on the iron hammock and LOOK AT ME!! I think it just my imagination, but when I look again it is truly happen to me. I think only I see all this but one of my friend also see that “women” on the hammock. At that time, my friend said,”KAU NAMPAK TAK ADA PEREMPUAN TENGAH DUDUK KAT BUAIAN TU, KENAPA PEREMPUAN TU TENGAH BARING? AIK!!KENAPA DIA PUNYA BUAIAN PANJANG SANGAT? ”. What she say make me become angry because it’s not good to say something like that because that things in front of us. At that time, I told my friends to cancel go to toilet. We straightly go back to room. When we arrive at room, my friends tell what we see to other friends. All my friends say, that place not have an iron hammock. My friends and I have a plan. At 5.30am, when we want go to mosque, we decide to walk at the “dataran” and want to look my old school and want to make sure that place have a iron hammock or not. When we see that place again, it make my friends and I feel surprised. What I think it’s true. The iron hammock does not exist. So, from that we know what we see last night.

Actually I have many experiences about horror or ghost story and it is part of my life. So, I have face it although it make me sick until now.